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Adventure Works is well known in and around South Africa for amazing and effective Teambuilding exercises, an essential tool for businesses of all sizes.  Well planned and executed Team Building sessions strengthen and mould staff dynamics and instills a positive company culture in all employees participating.

It takes a wide range of skills to effectively run a company because companies come with a wide range of personalities, cultures, and backgrounds. It is important to spend time together out of the office environment, to level the playing field amongst employees and have shared experiences in order to nurture your staffs’ relationships. Interacting outside of one’s comfort zone pushes personal boundaries and enables a greater understanding of co-workers.

At Adventure Works we believe that team building should be a fun experience, with as much laughter as possible. Sharing a joke and having a topic for water-cooler discussions for the next few months makes for a happier working environment which directly leads to higher staff performance.

We have several categories of team building events from structured, results-driven programs, to crazy fun events and everything in between, but we can also tailor make your one of a kind event for you, just give us your idea, we'll make magic happen!

"At Adventure Works we believe that team building should be a fun experience, with as much laughter as possible."

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Teambuilding Products

We have Teambuilding Packages to suit any requirements

Outcomes Based Team Building

The Big Picture

The aim of The Big Picture Teambuild is to create a giant logo, slogan, picture or mission statement made up of different boards like a puzzle, each team has to create and then work together to assemble and reveal "the big picture".

Minute To Win It

The Minute To Win It challenge is a high impact, energy filled, competitive Team Build allowing teams to challenge each other using household and other items such as tissues, spoons, plastic cups, and straws, to complete time controlled challenges.

Communication Catalyst

In the Communication Catalyst, we focus on all the different areas of communication and how we can change the meaning of what we say by altering Body Language, Facial expressions, Tone of Voice and other elements.

Laughter Sessions

 The Laughter Sessions consists of laughing exercises, which are simple and fun, tension releasing’ exercises, combined with clapping, breathing, and stretching techniques triggering dopamine release and feelings of happiness.

On Foot Treasure Hunts

Waterfront Discovery


Discover the history and diversity of the V&A Waterfront in an action packed, unique on-foot amazing race Waterfront Discovery. With the focus on communication, breaking down interpersonal barriers and simply having a jol, this team build is suitable for all fitness levels.  The challenges included can also be aligned to all company principles/ values!

Franschhoek/ Stellenbosch /Kirstenbosch on Foot

The different on Foot scavenger hunts are designed to motivate groups to work as a team completing challenges and finding clues to make their way through picturesque small towns discovering hidden gems and artifacts that pertain specifically to these vibey destinations.

Urban Adventure



Relive the fascinating history of Cape Town with an on-foot urban adventure race through the Cape Town CBD.  Groups are split into teams and instructed to follow clues and complete challenges while seeing and experiencing some of the hidden gems in the Mother City, its time to live the culture and feel the rhythm of Cape Town.

Century City & Intaka Island Explorer

The Century City & Intaka Island Exploration is designed to motivate groups to work as a team completing challenges and finding clues to make their way through Century City and Intaka Island discovering unseen sites and experiencing how much more Century City has to offer.

Vehicle Transport Amazing Races/Treasure Hunts

Winelands Rally



Teams navigate through the beautiful Winelands in the ultimate way to experience Cape Town’s northern suburbs.  Dash down a Toboggan track in the fastest amount of time,  taste craft beer, chocolates, and wines, herd sheep from one area to another and compete in a barrel rolling competition?   Or, for a more leisurely experience, you can visit a vintage car museum and art galleries.

Peninsula Amazing Race


Teams race their way around the winding coastal roads that make the Peninsula route so magnificent, visiting Rhodes Memorial, quaint harbours, the Penguin colony, Ostriches, The Cape of Good Hope and The Cape Point Lighthouse.  Teams complete challenges along the way like haggling for a fish from a Cape fisherman, exploring through botanical gardens, snorkeling in a tidal pool, doing beadwork, kayaking or shopping in a vibrant township craft market!

Chase Around the Table/Red Bus Race

Chase Around the Table is an exciting way to race around the iconic Table Mountain and discover that this world heritage site is home to more than a mountain.  On the way teams will gain a better understanding of the history of Rhodes Memorial, Explore the Fauna and Flora at Kirstenbosch Gardens, Sip on Constantia’s local wine, haggle with Fisherman at Hout Bay Harbour and experience the majestic views of the Atlantic Seaboard, and much much more!

Hemel en Aarde Amazing Race

With its picturesque mountains and breath taking views as a backdrop the Overberg near Hermanus is the perfect place for an Amazing Race to discover the magic of this beautiful valley whilst having a whole lot of fun along the way. This isn’t a race against the clock but a day of fun and discovery while sampling tasty treats, meeting the locals and learning about the area.

Cooking Experiences

Local is Focal


An exciting cooking safari where participants can learn to cook local cuisine from Cape Towns finest culinary and wine destination, The Franschhoek valley. Teams will pick herbs from a local food garden, visit a local smoke house, forage for mushrooms in a pine forest, and learn about coffee at the local coffee roastery. The experience will be completed with a cooking class where teams utilize the new knowledge and ingredients collected throughout the day to prepare a mesmerizing meal.

Celebrity Chef Cook-Off

This is an interactive Teambuilding cooking class lead by a celebrity chef, where teams are presented with a task that can only be accomplished by working together, based on timing, communication, creativity and having loads of fun.  The group will be divided into teams of 5 and the challenge is to be able to master the art of Cooking, Wine blending, and 5 star services,  ultimately to master the art of working as one dynamic cohesive team and get the food prepared all at once, as they would at a 5 star restaurant.

Ultimate Potjie Master


We all know that everybody thinks they are the Ultimate Potjie Master!  Well with this event you can put your Potjie where your mouth is.  Teams show their cooking skills while taking in stunning surroundings all rolled together with a pinch of competitive spirit, all the ingredients needed to ensure a memorable and meaningful Teambuilding experience. Tread cautiously, you have a panel of Judges deciding who ultimately earns the title of Potjie Master.

Braai Cook-Off


The Braai Cook-Off challenge will have teams competing in a hair raising battle of the tongs to prove that they are their Companies Braai Cook-Off Masters!  Teams will be supplied with all the essentials to prepare a braai but will have to compete in survivor style challenges to earn extra ingredients and utensils to give their braai and presentation the edge!  This event allows teams to get to know one another in an informal setting and also helps them learn to work together to achieve a common goal.

Getting Creative

Art Expression


This engaging and entertaining activity is a fantastic way for companies to interact with employees to create an understanding of the companies Vision, Mission or Motto or just to have some creative fun.  Teams are instructed to come up with a theme or interpretation of a given topic and to depict it in a visual format using their creative eye and mediums provided (e.g Paint, Pencil, Crayon, Chalk, Beads etc).  This activity is a real hit and allows each participant to take their creation home.

Cake Off


This team building event really takes the cake…  All teams start off with a plain sponge cake before commencing with the decorating of their masterpieces, a series of mini challenges will be played, for which the prizes will be decoration elements that other teams will not have, giving your team the upper hand. The teams will then need to pull out all their confectionery skills to create the most originally decorated masterpiece.  Judges will score each cake on its originality, creativity, use of ingredients and equipment.

Junk to Funk


This one is for all you DIY Enthusiasts... Teams will be required to transform daily junk items into usable,  funky objects(Up-cycling).  Participants will start off by competing in a few light hearted challenges to get the energy going,  and to allow them to obtain preference over junk items,  materials and tools to make their up-cycled pieces.  From clothing to key-rings, flowerpots to penholders, vertical gardens to chandeliers, the sky is the limit.

Lights, Camera, Action

For all the performers out there, Adventure Works presents your team the opportunity to showcase their talents in this exciting talent stage show.  Groups choose teams before the Talent show and to enable teams to create their very own introduction video, and start planning their act.  On the day each team will get a 5 minute slot to show off their stuff and to impress the judges with their performance.  Any act will be considered, so you can sing, dance, act, juggle or do magic, whatever you choose and where your talent lies.

For The More Competitive

Beach Teambuild


There is nothing better than spending the day at the beach, with sand between your toes and the fresh sea water on your skin, oh wait, except when your doing it with Adventure Works. It’s the ultimate feel-good recipe!  Take your team out to one of Cape Town’s magnificent beaches and battle it out with our beach team building challenges.  This one will have your employees talking about it around the water-cooler for months.

Survivor Challenges


Get ready for an action packed day with our Survivor Challenges  package, a day packed with plenty of adventure and laughter.  Teams will participate in a few light-hearted warm up activities, Ice Breakers, and then the real fun starts as Teams compete in a series of Survivor challenges where they will need to earn maximum points to be crowned the ultimate [Insert Your company name here] Survivor champions.

Crazy Olympics


The Crazy Olympics package is for the employees with the short attention span, Groups are split onto teams and presented with a set of quick, exciting activities that will entertain and challenge each participant each step of the way.  Each team will also dress up according to their theme.  We can run this event anywhere and can also be used as a great option for family days.

Adventure Orienteering

Adventure Orienteering is a high impact, energy filled, competitive Teambuild that gets you out of the office and into the outdoors, offering the true essence of what feels like to be an Adventurer.  The Group will be split into Teams and put through their paces in a gauntlet of several action packed survivor style activities, but first they have to locate each challenge with a GPS and map-work. The race is not based on time, but scores, so the Teams with the highest scores win!

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